Does he go to your college


29.Sep.14 2 days ago
Is jyzu single

Ask him yourself

29.Sep.14 2 days ago
How is it difficult ?

Please tell me how I could show you my voice ?

29.Sep.14 2 days ago
Why don't you ever show your voice on sc?

Look, if I could show you my voice I would; it’d be a wee bit difficult though

29.Sep.14 2 days ago
Who's that @r.ox that always comments on your Instagram?

Just someone who I know

26.Sep.14 5 days ago
Don't you talk to shyanne or Bec anymore?

Yeah on the odd occasion, still good friends with them both

24.Sep.14 1 week ago

had tumblr for two years lols

23.Sep.14 1 week ago
why is your head so fucked up?

Just got/had so much shit going on

22.Sep.14 1 week ago
Couldn't have made you smile that much if you can't remember what it was

Nah I’ve just got a bare shit memory

22.Sep.14 1 week ago