yeah i did but she said shes fine?:s

Yeah she is, she’s just been busy recently x

31.Aug.14 1 day ago
Sorry just clearing my name im the anon asking about mollie and im not the same anon as the one sending hate hope everythings alright

I didn’t believe it would have been the same person, did you message mollie ?x

31.Aug.14 1 day ago

To the anon who finds it amusing to send everyone hate, if I talk to you then why don’t you message me and we can sort whatever you have on me/everyone else out ?
As much as I hate whoever you are I won’t say your name cause I ain’t slack.

31.Aug.14 1 day ago
14 year olds are always the fit ones

It’s nice to know you think that…
But why don’t u come off anon - apparently I speak to you ? Well, when I find out who it is I won’t be speaking to u anymore lol.
Why feel the need to message everyone I’ve ever spoken to, am speaking to, anyone’s who commented on my instagram, or has anything related to me and send them hate, kinda pathetic really, oh it’s also low how you can’t even do it off anonymous…

31.Aug.14 1 day ago
You're close with Mollie right? im worried about her is she ok?

Yes Mollie’s like one of my bestest friends ever, talk to her about it!x

31.Aug.14 1 day ago